HKFP has a monthly budget for external contributions. It is mostly aimed at original, fully-fledged features by freelance journalists with a track record. We welcome topics related to Hong Kong or China. Please click here for invoicing guidelineswe aim to pay within 1-2 working days.

As a small company, HKFP generally does not have a budget for photography, video or student work. However, we are open to publishing scoops or exclusives from journalists – please contact us.

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The terms and conditions for the supply of paid contributions to Hong Kong Free Press Ltd (HKFP) are based on The Guardian’s Freelance Charter and are laid out below.

1. Terms

This agreement applies to all freelance contributions provided by you to HKFP for use, publication and transmission. It shall prevail over other terms and conditions – both written or oral – unless variations are agreed in writing between HKFP and you. You agree to be legally bound by these terms and are advised to print and keep a paper copy. HKFP reserves the right to amend and adjust the guidelines.

2. Pitching and format

Please send your feature pitch to HKFP along with an expected deadline. HKFP has no strict word limit, but prefers features to be around 1,800-3,500 words.

For op-ed writers, please inform us of the topic, so we may avoid duplication with other writers. HKFP has no strict word limit, but prefers op-eds to be 400-1,000 words.

Submissions may include images, embedded videos, Tweets, links to sources etc… Unless it has been agreed that the feature will include photographs, our team can provide accompanying images. If you wish to submit original photography – please ensure images are landscape, in JPG format, and at least 1,700 pixels in width. Please state who should be credited for the images – you must own the copyright to each image or have permission for us to use it.

We use UK English. Please submit only one final version – Word or Google document format is preferred. Please contact us on:

3. Commissions and rejection

You and an HKFP editor should agree terms, fees, a deadline and any special requirements at the time of commissioning or confirming a contribution. If HKFP decides to reject an agreed commission after it is delivered, an editor will contact you within two weeks for features, or on the same day for news, photo or video items. A fee of at least 50% of the agreed sum shall we paid if a commissioned contribution fails to meet HKFP’s requirements. If evidence of patchwriting, the use of generative A.I. tools, or plagiarism are detected, all fees will be forfeited and any past published content may be removed.

4. Fees

HKFP has a small monthly budget for external contributions we agree to commission. It is mostly aimed at original, fully-fledged features by freelance journalists with a track record. We welcome topics related to Hong Kong, Taiwan or China. Fees are quoted in Hong Kong dollars. HKFP does not yet have a budget to cover any expenses – such costs should be discussed with an editor at the time of commissioning.

Fully-fledged features:
Our basic flat fee is HK$2,500 for fully-fledged features. We can further negotiate the fee for freelancers with whom we have an established relationship, or if the feature is long-form, or represents an “exclusive” or “scoop.” The fee includes any accompanying photos that are agreed at the time of commissioning.

We rarely carry interviews from third-parties, but offer a flat rate of HK$1,800.

Photography day rate:
Our basic flat day rate fee for photographers is HK$1,500 or HK$800 for a half-day. We can further negotiate the fee – in advance – for freelancers who face an exceptionally long working day or risk in the field. (Please note that HKFP hired a full-time photographer in 2022, and so is no longer working with freelance shooters.)

Photography, video, audio, illustrations:
HKFP does not have a set budget for daily hard news photography, video, audio or illustrations, but is open to negotiation for “exclusives” and “scoops.”

We are able to offer a negotiable basic flat fee to a select circle of regular opinion writers starting at HK$500.

5. Copyright, exclusivity and resyndication

You grant HKFP irrevocably and unconditionally the following rights and options to use, publish, transmit or license your contribution throughout the world in any language. HKFP reserves the right to edit contributions as it sees fit. HKFP will have exclusive and “first publisher” rights to the content for one month, and thereafter will have non-exclusive rights. You grant HKFP the right to reuse, retransmit and republish your content at our discretion without further payment to our content partners, which include – but are not limited to – Global Voices, MSN News, Nordot, LexisNexis, Nordot, Moody’s, ProQuest, and Factiva, as well as their partners.

Following the exclusivity period, you and HKFP have the right to syndicate or sell a contribution on a paid basis with 50% of all net receipts paid to each party.

If shared elsewhere after the exclusivity period, written contributions should contain a hyperlinked credit line to the original stating: “This article originally appeared on Hong Kong Free Press.”

Content and bylines cannot be removed from the HKFP archive after publication unless we are legally obligated to do so.

6. Safety

Freelancers must ensure they have the appropriate safety gear, training and insurance if covering areas where there is potential physical risk. HKFP seeks to avoid deploying freelancers into any dangerous situations and any safety concerns must be discussed with an editor in advance. Instructions should be followed as HKFP cannot be held liable in case of injury, death or damage to any personal items.

7. Confidentiality, warranties and legal

You must protect and treat confidentially any confidential, trade secret or proprietary information relating to HKFP, including all technical, commercial, financial and other information which are obtained during the agreement.

You shall not bring HKFP’s brand, trademark or reputation into disrepute. Your contribution must be original and not copied – wholly or partially – from any other source. Please note that both writers and the platform must adhere to libel, defamation and court reporting rules, declare any conflicts of interest and be aware of our Code of Ethics. We avoid using unnamed/anonymous sources wherever possible – please discuss with us if you think it may be necessary to alter a source’s name. Please include hyperlinks to sources if you are including facts and figures. Sources may not see copy before it is published. Please discuss with us if there are exceptional circumstances in which you wish to offer “quote check.”

8. New contributors

If you are a new writer to HKFP, please forward examples of your published work along with your pitch. An HKFP editor may offer to “take a look” at your contribution, inviting you to submit the work in full, speculatively. HKFP will pay for the first contribution only if we agree to publish.

9. Credentials and other terms

We are unable to provide press credentials to contributors, nor can freelancers represent themselves as HKFP staff. For freelance photographers or videographers commissioned to report on the ground, HKFP can provide a temporary press pass and assignment letter, valid for 24 hours.

Freelancers must ensure they declare payments made by HKFP to the relevant tax authorities.