The latest from HKFP on the battle against the coronavirus pandemic in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong can learn a lot from watching how mainland China’s central and local authorities interact

Two recently published books shed light on the relations between central and local authorities in mainland China, and provide valuable lessons for Hong Kong. In one, we see that local politicians in Wuhan failed to learn the lessons of SARS, repeating mistakes during the outbreak of Covid-19 that had disastrous consequences for the country and…

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HKFP Yum Cha: Carol Liang on fighting stigma surrounding mental health in Hong Kong

Mental health in Hong Kong was forced front of mind last June after two women were fatally stabbed in a shopping mall in an apparently random attack. Reports that the suspect had been diagnosed with a serious mental health condition were quick to emerge, sparking discussions rife with often alarmist inaccuracies. Carol Liang, deputy CEO…

HKFP Yum Cha: How Hong Kong Shifts shines a spotlight on ‘invisible’ web of workers who keep the city going

Behind Hong Kong’s clean streets and 24-hour convenience is a web of workers, many in low-paid positions, who toil tirelessly to keep the city going. Cynthia Cheng and Maxime Vanhollebeke have made it their mission to honour the people whose work too often goes unnoticed through social impact storytelling platform Hong Kong Shifts, which they…

2023 In Pictures: A year of post-pandemic firsts as Hong Kong emerged from lengthy Covid-related isolation

Hong Kong entered 2023 with Covid-related restrictions still in place. It was not until February that the city’s border with mainland China fully reopened, and it was March before the mask mandate was lifted. In the months that followed, Hong Kong celebrated a series of post-pandemic firsts: the first Ramadan without restrictions on how many…

Hong Kong Policy Address: What might be among this year’s measures?

Ahead of Chief Executive John Lee’s second Policy Address on Wednesday, when he will lay out measures for the years ahead, local media has been busy reporting on what it might contain. While the city has said goodbye to stringent Covid-19 rules since last year’s address, the economic outlook remains weak, the birth rate is…


Universal Children’s Day: Post-Covid, Hong Kong must ensure children’s rights, let them be heard, and tackle self-harm

By Billy Wong, Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights On Universal Children’s Day in 2022, society was still living under the pandemic. One year later, wearing a mask has become a personal decision. However, many children are still wearing them in public. Are they telling us that they still haven’t recovered? At the initial stage…

As China rises, so does the suffering of billions of animals of many species

Hong Kong customs officers have intercepted a shipment of thousands of live turtles and tusks from protected hippos destined for mainland China. The smugglers were feeding an insatiable Chinese demand for animals’ bodies. With the dramatic rise of China in recent decades has come the emergence of hundreds of millions of middle-class and wealthy people…

Improving Hong Kong’s pandemic response and mental healthcare will take independent reviews – and action

Last month, the Hong Kong government lifted our Covid-19 state of emergency. A few weeks earlier, the World Health Organization had declared the pandemic over as Covid becomes endemic. These developments allow the government to focus on urgent tasks of economic development and reengaging globally. Now is also the time to reconsider a publicly available,…

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