Brought to you by Hong Kong’s only independent English-language newsroom, HKFP Yum Cha invites a different guest to join Executive Editor Mercedes Hutton each week and discuss their area of expertise, be that fighting for democracy, researching Hong Kong’s history, or trying to keep its neon craft alive.

Chankalun – A Bright Future for Hong Kong's Neon Heritage HKFP Yum Cha

The image of Hong Kong's neon-lit streetscapes is, like the signs that lent their glow to those cinematic scenes, largely a thing of the past. But although bureaucracy has stripped many buildings of their illuminated adornments, a new generation of neon artists – like Chankalun – are working to keep the draft alive.
  1. Chankalun – A Bright Future for Hong Kong's Neon Heritage
  2. Carol Liang – Happy Hong Kong?
  3. Astrid Andersson – Wildlife Trade and Alien Invaders
  4. Xyza Cruz Bacani – Migrant Domestic Workers and the Children Left Behind
  5. Cynthia Cheng and Maxime Vanhollebeke – An Invisible Web of Workers
  6. Vaudine England – A City Between East and West
  7. Regina Ip – Matters of Security
  8. Emily Lau – Fighting Two Tigers

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