From his role as security chief during the 2019 protests and unrest, to his promotion to the city’s No. 2 position, ex-police officer John Lee finally rose to the top, becoming chief executive on July 1, 2022.



When secrecy can spell disaster: Hong Kong’s new security law must protect whistleblowers

Chief Executive John Lee has announced the start of the government’s second attempt to introduce local legislation on national security as required by the Basic Law’s Article 23. The first attempt in 2003 ended in failure amid widespread public protest. This time Hong Kong’s patriots-only political elite cheered. Legislators and business leaders immediately and unanimously…

Higher fees won’t cure what ails emergency rooms at Hong Kong’s public hospitals

Our government is now grappling with a policy dilemma of the kind which is, sadly, particularly difficult for regimes which have dispensed with such luxuries as electoral politics and independent media: what sort of health service do we want? This is the matter of principle behind the public musings of officials and politicians – including…

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