The 2014 Umbrella Movement was a 79-day long  pro-democracy civil disobedience campaign originally conceived as “Occupy Central.” Thousands occupied roads around the legislature and in two other key districts following a student sit-in. Leading figures of the largely peaceful movement were jailed in the years following the police clearance.



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Artist or rights activist? Luke Ching would rather be called a cleaner

Most people fight for workers’ rights through unions, but Luke Ching does it in a particularly creative way. The artist, who is also an activist and a cleaner, wants to show that small changes can still be achieved in the city – even in the current political climate.

The Hong Kong returnees who want to leave again

“I always say ‘home is wherever I feel safe.’ Of course it is hard to let go. It is a bitter feeling… We have put so much time to help build Hong Kong, but now we are being uprooted – my career, my family, my friends,” said Pauline Choy, a Hongkonger who has gained Australian citizenship.
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